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The Soil and Water Management Research Unit News

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  • Volume 14, Number 1, _December 2013(2 MB in "pdf")
    Voulume 14, Number 1, _December 2013 Print Quality (7 MB in "pdf")
    Feature Article:
    75th Anniversary Celebration

  • Volume 13, Number 1, _December 2011 (2 MB in "pdf")
    Voulume 13, Number 1, _December 2011 Print Quality (8.6 MB in "pdf")
    Feature Articles:
    Scintillometry for ET Mapping Applications: A Lysimetric Evaluation [P.H. Gowda and T.A. Howell]
    Water News in Texas: An Ogallala Update [David K. Brauer]

  • Volume 12, Number 1, _December 2010 (1.8 MB in "pdf")
    Volume 12, Number 1, _December 2010 Print Quality (26.8 MB in "pdf")
    Feature Articles:
    Automatic Irrigation Scheduling at Deficit Irrigation Levels Controls Water Use [S.A. O'Shaughnessy, S.R. Evett, P.D. Colaizzi, and T.A. Howell]
    Desired Future Conditions in Texas: What is it about and why should agricultural researchers care? The Continuation. [David K. Brauer]
    American-Mexican Group Meet to Discuss Water Conservation [David K. Brauer]

  • Volume 11, Number 2, _February 2010 (1.4 MB in "pdf")
    Volume 11, Number 2, _February 2010 Print Quality (11.6 MB in "pdf")
    Feature Articles:
    Desired Future Conditions in Texas: What is it about and why should agriculture researchers care? David K. Brauer]
    Improved TDR Soil Water Content Calibrations Using a Physically-Based Model[Robert C. Schwartz, Steven R. Evett, and Jourdan M. Bell]
    New Agriculture Research Engineer Looks Forward To Working On Remote Sensing Images [ Wonsook Ha]

  • Volume 11, Number 1, _June 2009 (2.6 MB in "pdf")
    Feature Articles:
    Infrared Thermography to Assess Spatial Variation of Water Stressed Cotton [Susan A. O'Shaughnessy and Steve Evett]
    Calibrating Nothern Texas High Plains Groundwater Model[Jairo E. Hernandez, Prasanna H. Gowda, Terry A. Howell, and Thomas H. Marek]

  • Volume 10, Number 2, _December 2008 (2.02 MB in "pdf")
    Feature Articles:
    Lysimeters Measuring Crop Water Use Around the World [Steve Evett]
    Long-Term Research and the Deep-Plowing Experiment [R. Louis Baumhardt]

  • Volume 10, Number 1, _June 2008 (2.06 MB in "pdf")
    Feature Articles:
    Evapotranspiration of Corn and Forage Sorghum for Silage [Terry Howell, Judy Tolk, Steve Evett, Karen Copeland, P. D. Colaizzi, and P. H. Gowda]
    Radiation Partitioning Model for Row Crops: Refinement of the Campbell and Norman 1998 Approach [Paul D. Colaizzi, Robert C. Schwartz, Terry A. Howell, Steven R. Evett, Judy A. Tolk, Fuqin Li, and William P. Kustas]

  • Volume 9, Number 2,_December_2007 (1.2 MB in "pdf")
    Feature Article:
    Wireless Makes Sense in Agriculture[Susan O'Shaughnessy]

  • Volume 9, Number 1, _May_2007(827 kb in "pdf")
    Feature Article:
    Evapotranspiration of Deficit Irrigated Sorghum [Terry Howell, Judy Tolk, Steve Evett, Karen Copeland, and Don Dusek]

  • Volume 8, Number 2,_December_2006 (1.65 Mb in "pdf")
    Feature Articles:
    TIllage Effects On Near-surface Soil Water Dynamics [Robert C. Schwartz]
    New Scientist[Susan O'Shaughnessy]

  • Volume 8, Number 1,_May_2006 (1.1 Mb in "pdf")
    Feature Articles:
    Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI) Research Update at Bushland, TX [Paul D. Colaizzi]
    Non-Uniform Planting Geometry for Dryland Grain Sorghum; Thoughts from Outside of the Box on Clump Planting [R. Louis Baumhardt]

  • Volume 7, Number 2,_December_2005(1,162 kb in "pdf")
    Feature Articles:
    International Research Cooperation at the Conservation & Production Research Laboratory [S.R. Evett]
    Mapping Tillage Practices in the Texas Panhandle with LandSat Thematic Mapper (TM) Data [P.H. Gowda, R.T. Peters, and T.A. Howell]

  • Volume 7, Number 1,_Spring_2005 (659 kb in "pdf")
    Feature Articles:
    Development of an Agricultural Irrigation Water Use Estimating Methodology [T.A. Howell]
    Phosphorus Extractabilities in Manure Amended Soils [R.C. Schwartz and J.M. Bell]
    New SWMRU Scientist [Prasanna Gowda]

  • Volume 6, Number 2, November 2004 (737 kb in "pdf")
    Feature Articles:
    Using GPS for Determining Center Pivot Angular Position [R. Troy Peters]
    An Evapotranspiration Research Facility for Soil-Plant-Enviroment Interactions [Judy A. Tolk, Terry A. Howell and Steven R. Evett]

  • Volume 6, Number 1, March 2004 (474 kb in "pdf")
    Feature Articles:
    Cotton Yield and Quality with SDI, LEPA, and Spray Irrigation in the North Texas High Plains [P. D. Colaizzi, S. R. Evett, and T. A. Howell]
    Modeling Grain Sorghum Growth and Yield [R. Louis Baumhardt]

  • Volume 5, Number 2, December 2003 (529 kb in "pdf")
    Feature Articles:
    Inverse Estimation of Hydraulic Properties with the Tension Infiltrometer [Robert Schwartz]
    Moisture Sensor International Comparison Effort Nears End [Steve Evett]
    New SWMRU Scientist [Troy Peters]
    Consortium for Water and Natural Resource Management for Agricultural Viability [Terry Howell]

  • Volume 5, Number 1, February 2003 (580 kb in "pdf")
    Feature Articles:
    SDI, LEPA, and Spray Irrigation of Grain Sorghum [Arland Schneider, Terry Howell, and Steve Evett]
    Research Unit Reorganized [Terry Howell]
    New SWMRU Scientist [Paul Colaizzi]

  • Volume 4, Number 2, August 2000 (556 kb in "pdf")
    Feature Articles:
    Furrow Diking of Sprinkler Irrigated Corn [Terry Howell]
    Sprinkler Irrigated Wheat Efficiently Uses Fractions of Spring PET [Arland Schneider]

  • Volume 4, Number 1, February 2000 (148kb in "pdf")
    Feature Articles:
    Predicting Crop Water Use -- the New FAO-56 Methodology [Judy Tolk]
    Erosion of Water Management Funding [Terry Howell]
    Calibration of Neutron Probes at the UNCGRI, Uzbekistan [Steve Evett]
    Control of Sprinkler Irrigation Runoff is Critical [Arland Schneider]
    IA & ASCE Team Up on Unifying ET Equations [Terry Howell]

The publishing dates changed in 2000 from May and November to February and August, so Volume 3 has only one issue.

  • Volume 3, Number 1, May 1999 (254 kb in "pdf")
    Feature Articles:
    LEPA vs. Spray Sprinkler Irrigation [Arland Schneider]
    The New ARS National Irrigation Research Program [Terry Howell]
    IAEA Consultants Support Continued Use of Neutron Moisture Meter [Steve Evett]
    The ATUT Project (cooperative project with SWRI in Giza, Egypt) [Steve Evett & Rick Todd]

  • Volume 2, Number 2, November 1998 (192 kb in "pdf")
    Feature Articles:
    Drip Irrigated Soybean Production - Southern High Plains [Steve Evett]
    Irrigated Area in the Texas High Plains Greatly Exceeds Projections [Arland Schneider]
    Is 1998 a Normal Year? [Terry Howell]

  • Volume 2, Number 1, May 1998 (876 kb in &"pdf")
    Feature Articles:
    Irrigation Research Golden Anniversary [Terry Howell]
    Texas SWCS Meeting in Amarillo [Judy Tolk]
    Texas North Plains PET Network [Terry Howell, Thomas Marek, Leon New, and Don Dusek]
    Exploring the Anatomy of ET [Rick Todd]
    Texas Regional Water Planning [Terry Howell]

  • Volume 1, Number 2, November 1997 (705 kb in "pdf")
    Feature Articles:
    A Conservation Landmark [Arland Schneider]
    What's In A Name [Terry Howell]
    LEPA, LESA & MESA Irrigation [Arland Schneider & Terry Howell]
    Corn Water Use & Yield Response to Growing Season Mulch and Soil Differences [Judy Tolk, Terry Howell, and Steve Evett]

  • Volume 1, Number 1, May 1997 (562 kb in "pdf")
    Feature Articles:
    Those Dalhart Lights [Terry Howell]
    Texas High Plains Irrigation [Terry Howell and Jack Musick]
    Where's the Water? [Steve Evett]